Jeans for less than $10 at – review

Jeans for less than $10 at sammydress review post!!

Yes its true ! Miracles do happen !

I recently fell head over heels in love with this website and I decided to pick up a pair of these jeans to feel awesome about myself without feeling awful about my pocket ! These jeans literally cost me less than weekend movie ticket without popcorns! You can one of these from sammydress

This jeans u are seeing in this picture costs USD 8.47


Jeans for less than $10 at - review

Back Pockets

Jeans for less than $10 at - review

Front zip

Jeans for less than $10 at - review

Buttons at the back- up lose


Features of this product:

  1. Very slim (though I expected it to be slightly more slim fit), light weight and awesomely soft texture and great for summer wear. I live in a hot country and usually jeans in summers are not even expected. But these can do a good job!
  2. Very inexpensive at just USD 8.47 !
  3. Perfect for day and night wear, for casual and semi casual wear!.
  4. I have not tried washing them yet, but it seems normally washable without the need for any expensive dry cleaning and all that headache.
  5. Great for gifting and for carrying in your luggage because of the very light weight of the fabric.
  6. I love the deep embedded pockets and the stylish buttons. Very hip and stylish without anything annoying or loud. This is a pair of jeans that wont go out of style!

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The price of the product does not include shipping charges. But you do not need to worry about this too much , since the shipping costs are minimal, especially if you order multiple other things at the same time, and the shipping costs get diverted. This is in a way also commendable since the products are shipped all the way from China and they seem to have literally picked up the cheapest postal services I have ever found on any shopping website . I basically call this a ‘con’ since the title of this article guarantees jeans less than $10, which though not untrue, it should not feel misleading to you girls!